Methodist Justice Ministry Receives Grant from Texas Women’s Foundation

By August 20, 2021

Methodist Justice Ministry (MJM) announced that Texas Women’s Foundation has awarded a grant to MJM to provide legal representation and ongoing services to women and their children who have been impacted by family violence and abuse.

Texas Women’s Foundation is Transforming Texas for Women and Girls, empowering them to build stronger, more equitable communities. Since 1985, the Foundation has been a trusted leader in advancing social and economic change for women and girls in Texas. One of the world’s largest women’s foundations, the Foundation raises funding from a broad base of donors, including individuals, foundations, and corporations. These resources support more than $10 million in annual investments that advance economic security and leadership for Texas women and girls through groundbreaking research, advocacy, grants and programs. The Foundation’s statewide research on issues affecting women and girls provides decision-makers and lawmakers with critical data to inform policies, practices, and programs in the state. Its grantmaking and innovative programs support solutions that help Texas women and girls thrive. In addition, Texas Women’s Foundation is an acknowledged leader and advocate in the gender lens investing movement and has deployed 100% of its assets — endowments, operating investments, and donor-advised funds — in a gendered impact portfolio that yields strong financial returns and measurable social benefits to women and girls.

MJM is a law firm that focuses on a specific need — women and children who are victims of domestic violence, neglect, and abuse. MJM’s support, however, does not end when a judgment or injunction is issued. Instead, the staff at MJM continue to support its clients as they learn to live a life free of violence and fear and reconstruct their network and independence.

Melanie Hanna, Development Director at MJM, stated “Our commitment to women and children that have been impacted by family violence during this unprecedented time in our history. Sadly, we have seen a 30% increase in the demand for our services and the Texas Women’s Foundation Resilience Grant will enable us to help these families that have nowhere else to turn.  We are truly grateful for their support.”

The mission of the Methodist Justice Ministry is to provide light and hope to families who have experienced neglect and domestic violence by providing free legal representation and ongoing support to ensure that the children are with a caring and protective caregiver and the women can lead a life without the fear of violence and abuse.

To learn more about Texas Women’s Foundation, please visit or find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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