Let us know you’re here!

By May 6, 2019

One of the best ways to meet and greet those around you each Sunday morning in the Sanctuary is registering your attendance. Whether using our snazzy FUMCFW Attendance Padfolios in the Sanctuary or checking in online via link or QR code at our other worship services, this small but vital Sunday morning habit not only alerts you to visitors and prospective members; it also lets the church know you’re here! Our clergy and staff loves this opportunity to keep up with who’s here, who’s missing, and who’s visiting — and who might appreciate a follow-up call. Research also shows that congregations who maintain accurate attendance records actually accomplish more — together!

Here are just a few of the ways this practice helps strengthen our First Church faith community:

  • When every church member fills out their attendance, we encourage our guests to do the same so no one feels out of place or unsure what to do, especially if they are new or visiting.
  • When a church member has been absent for a few Sundays, this record tells us when to check on them with a call, a card, a text, or an email.
  • For new guests who aren’t already in our records, we can mail them a handwritten note and a small memento of their first visit to FUMCFW.
  • We can affirm the consistent attendance of someone who is nominated to be a church leader.
  • We can use geographic and demographic information gathered for help in planning and expanding our programs and events.

Worshipping with us online? Please be sure to register your attendance there, as well! We want to know who’s watching and how we can best serve our growing digital congregation — and to make sure we’re meeting your online worship needs!


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