Giving Out of Bounds: Kelly Fox

By July 13, 2018

There are no rules when it comes to giving. Jesus fed five thousand people with only five loaves of bread and two fish! The sky’s the limit, and we’re grateful that the Unbounded Generosity of our church family continues to reach new heights. This First Church member is just a one of the many who give, and here’s why.

Kelly Fox: Growing the Kingdom

• Member since 2013
• Active volunteer in The Gathering
• Part of UMW Grace Circle
• Regular at Pastor’s Bible Study

A few of her favorite things:

The music, beautiful Sanctuary, Dr. Bruster’s welcoming personality, and our church’s dedication to meeting people where they are with programs and worship experiences that lead to continued spiritual growth.

Why she gives:

I give as an expression of my faith. Giving to the church is one way I can help grow the kingdom and make sure others have the opportunity to hear the good news that they are loved and that God desires a relationship with them. I like giving at FUMCFW specifically, because I can see how our church impacts the community through its ministries in downtown Fort Worth.

How it has impacted her:

I used to think giving to the church was an obligation, but in recent years I have come to see it as a spiritual practice. This shift in perspective has helped me to give joyfully, not begrudgingly, and it has opened my eyes to the ways God provides in my life. Prayerfully considering my gift to the church has allowed God a foothold to influence how I allocate my resources, and I feel like that allocation is more in line with my values than it has ever been. Giving makes me feel more connected to the ministries of the church and gives me a sense of maturing spiritually.

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