Raising the Bar in the Balcony

By January 12, 2018

This Christmas, you may have noticed a recent addition to the balcony in the Sanctuary — and we aren’t talking about the garland and bows and lights. As part of our improvements to help make our Sanctuary and worship services more accessible for people with mobility challenges (and everyone for that matter), new handrails were installed in time for our Christmas Eve services. The issue? “The steps leading from the cross aisle down to the first few rows are really steep and the ends of the pews aren’t very tall, so as you’re going down there’s really nothing to put your hand on,” explains Daniel Roe, Trustee and Architect. “We needed something taller so that’s where this idea came from. The Board of Trustees has been working on this for a long time, and it was a process to get the design correct to match the rest of the rails in the balcony, but we finally got the design we wanted.” Thanks to their hard work on design, along with Gary McElyea from Jag Iron Works who built the new handrails, for giving us the support we needed.


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