FUMCFW’s Lay Leaders of Tomorrow

By August 21, 2020

What does it mean to “be God’s people in the world?” While some of us reach out as part of our calling, others lead the way from within in a variety of important ways. Beyond the leadership of our steadfast clergy, we also need strong lay leaders to help us thrive today and in the future.  

As the time for our annual nominations for our next group of lay leaders begins, we as a congregation once again have the opportunity and responsibility to consider who among us would make a great leader in our church community. From finance to church policy, and from programs to conferences and more, there are many ways to serve our church and our congregation. The online and mail-in only nominations will begin Sunday, August 23 and run through midnight on Sunday, September 20, 2020. 

The early Methodist movement grew through the efforts of laity who led small groups, taught Bible study, provided outreach ministry, and led the administrative life of the church. Those efforts continue today with our lay leadership — and the lay leadership of tomorrow.

During these challenging times, our FUMCFW leaders are even more important than ever before. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our lay leaders have been even more crucial to the ongoing ministries and mission of our church. 

Please give some prayerful thought to submitting your recommendations for our 2021 committees for lay leadership, including the following. 

Here’s a quick primer on what our lay leadership committees are and what they’re responsible for in the life of our church as outlined by The United Methodist Book of Discipline: 

Church Council:

  • Approves budget;
  • Creates and monitors long-range planning;
  • Approves other program and worship matters as they occur;
  • Meets 6 times per year or as needed;
  • Serves 3-year term.

Lay Leadership Committee:

  • Matches people — and their gifts, abilities, and experience — to committees, task forces, boards and commissions, etc.;
  • Meets 4 or 5 times each year;
  • Serves 3-year term.

Staff/Parish Relations Committee:

  • Establishes structures of support and accountability for pastors and staff;
  • Helps staff set priorities that strengthen our congregation’s total ministry;
  • Provides annual evaluation of pastors and program staff;
  • Recommends candidates to Charge Conference for ordained ministry;
  • Meets monthly or as needed;
  • Serves 3-year term.

Personnel Committee:

  • Acts as small sub-group of Staff Parish Relations Committee;
  • Meets as needed for specific projects related to policies and personnel issues.

Board of Trustees:

  • Supervises and maintains all property and physical aspects of FUMCFW;
  • Reports annually to Board of Stewards on state of property;
  • Maintains adequate insurance coverage and develop appropriate management policies;
  • Makes annual inspection of property and submit budget;
  • Meets monthly or as needed;
  • Serves 3-year term.

Lay & Reserve Members to Annual Conference:

  • Attends and participates in Annual Conference;
  • Meets for 3 days in June;
  • Serves 3-year term.

Committee on Finance:

  • Sets budget, sees that it is followed, and amends it quarterly as needed;
  • Informs congregation of church finances;
  • Meets monthly;
  • Serves 3-year term.

Board of Stewards:

  • Hears reports from program activities;
  • Functions as Annual Charge Conference;
  • Serves as a two-way communication channel with the congregation;
  • Serves on workgroups that address issues such as visitors, new members, and members facing transitions;
  • Meets four times per year;
  • Serves in 4-year classes and as ex officio members.

While we appreciate all nominations, please be aware that The United Methodist Book of Discipline requires some committee nominations to be approved by the Charge Conference, so please understand that a nomination does not automatically result in an appointment.

You can learn more about all of our committees by visiting fumcfw.org/leadership. Please submit your nominations by clicking the button below and filling out the online form.

To mail in your nomination, please print the ballot below and mail to FUMCFW, 800 West Fifth Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102; Attention: Rhonda Gaber.

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