Want to receive future FUMCFW emergency alerts? Opt in!

By August 30, 2019

If you felt a bit caught off-guard by the protesters who appeared on our campus last week (read the message from Dr. Tim Bruster regarding this unexpected and somewhat confusing event), here’s how you can be sure that you’re in the know about these kinds of “surprise” happenings, campus emergencies, weather-related closings or cancellations, and other communications as deemed necessary by our FUMCFW Security Team led by Ron Hicks, Director of Security.

“This system allows quick notification to all who have “opted-in” to be notified of any emergency situation on the church campus or that has affected the church campus,” Ron says. “We are fortunate to have this system now in place for any emergency needs which may arise, but for it to work well to keep everyone informed, everyone must “opt-in.”

Ron adds that while we’ve had this system in place since March, and despite several communications about how to sign up, we only have around 150 church members in the system who are set up to receive these messages. To learn more or to make sure you are in our notification system, please take a few minutes to follow the instructions below — or stop by the Welcome Center before or after Sunday services and be sure you are opted into the system so that you can receive all future notifications.

To “opt-in” for our FUMCFW notification system and receive immediate alerts and messaging in event of emergency:

  1. Open your text messages
  2. Put 888777 in the “to” field
  3. Type FUMCFWALERTS (all caps, one word) in the message field
  4. Press “send”

You will receive a confirmation message in reply:

“FUMCFWALERTS: Thanks for signing up! You will only receive an alert from FUMCFW in the event of an emergency involving the church.”

That’s it! You’re in the FUMCFW Emergency Alerts System. If you have questions or need help, please stop by the Welcome Center for assistance or email Sandy Williams, Director of Operations (swilliams@myfumc.org).


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