Bring the (Candle) Light

By December 4, 2020

Who doesn’t love and long for the cherished sight of our beautiful First Church Sanctuary, aglow on Christmas eve with upwards of 1200 candles lighting the faces of our first church family? For most of us, it’s tradition that keeps us coming back year after year for the service, yes, but especially this breathtaking moment of community.

This year, with all the COVID related adjustments in the Advent works, we will still offer our spectacular Christmas Eve service, pre-recorded in our stunning Christmas Sanctuary, complete with Christmas favorites, DFW Brass, a Choral Union Ensemble, and our own Peggy Graff pulling out all the stops on our magnificent Anne S. and Henry B Paup Sanctuary Pipe Organ. The service will premiere at noon on Christmas Eve on Eve and will be available on demand until midnight.

And this year, it’s up to us to bring the candlelight into this experience in a whole new way.

It won’t put us back in the Sanctuary, but it will share the love and light on the faces of our First Church family during the Silent Night culmination of this time-honored service. We need everyone to participate so the video will create the impact that forms a whole new First Church Christmas memory to hold close to our hearts.

Here’s how to bring the light:

Between now and December 10, we invite all First Church members to send in a 10-second video of them and/or their family holding burning candles, which we will incorporate into our “Silent Night” moment at the end of our pre-recorded Christmas Eve service.

To submit your video, here’s a direct dropbox link! For more information or help submitting your video, please contact FUMCFW Communications (

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