New Virtual Classrooms — Open to LEARN!

By March 31, 2020

As of this past week, we’re so happy to report that we have gotten all of our Sunday school classes (who want to be) up and running and reasonably comfortable with Zoom technology for their meetings and social events.

By adding a “virtual wing” of Zoom classrooms (just like the physical rooms in the church) we now have the ability to assign spaces for meetings and social gatherings in nine rooms, seven days a week thanks to the tireless techno wizardry of Hans Grim, now wearing a weekday hat as FUMCFW Webmaster (on Sundays Hans rocks DiscipleChurch music and Choral Union Section Leader hats).

In addition to Sunday School classes, we also now have Grace groups, UMW Circles, Bible Studies, Discussion groups, and even Yoga scheduled in our virtual classrooms. After some initial growing pains (the need kept outpacing the solutions!) we have at last arrived at a system that is as flexible, simple, and easy to access as rooms in a physical building.  “It’s all working very well,” Dr. Bruster comments. “We’re very fortunate as a church to have the tools and staff and volunteers ready and willing to do these things so quickly.”


Family Sunday School: Jesus is The Way

This week we’re offering this guide to help families process and consider their online worship experience together — and to distill the concepts and ideas and messages that speak to them most profoundly. So, give it a go and let us hear from you about how this guided discussion works for your family!


Today, after worship, take a walk with your family. For families with older children, maybe this is a walk through the neighborhood, and for younger children, maybe just through the yard. Pets are more than welcome.

In John 14, Jesus explains to his disciples that they will have to follow him to his Father’s house. They are confused and ask how they can follow him if they don’t know the way. Jesus responds, “I am the way…”

Take some time as a family to talk about how Jesus leads us, and what it means to follow the way, with these questions. Have this document, and these questions, pulled up on your phone to talk about while you walk.


For the Adults (ask each other or have an older child ask):

  • When was a time you felt lost? Where did you look for guidance?
  • When do you feel like God has led you somewhere? How did you know?

For the Teenagers (have a younger child ask if possible):

  • What’s a time when you felt like you knew what God wanted you to do? What happened?
  • Where do you feel God is leading you next?

For Children:

  • What do you do when you feel lost?
  • How do you think Jesus can help us when we’re lost?

For Everyone:

  • What’s one question in your life that you wish God would lead you to an answer to?
  • Rest of the family, how would you answer that question?
  • Rest of the family, how do you think God might answer that question?

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