We Did It! We Finished Strong!

By January 10, 2020

After a long steep climb through the last quarter of 2019, by pulling together, fulfilling our commitments, making sacrificial gifts above and beyond our commitments — we did it! We Finished Strong!

According to FUMCFW Finance Director Steve Fagan, our Finish Strong campaign was a huge success, coming from a $1.1 million deficit in early October to finishing 2019 fully funded, with additional designated gifts to be used by their designee as needs arise in the coming year.

“It came right down to the wire, and the very last envelopes arriving with December 31 postmarks that pushed us across the goal line,” remarks Steve Fagan, Director of Finance. “By working together this whole last quarter we overcame a big gap and met this huge goal to close out 2019 in the black. I am so grateful and proud of our church family for stepping up — together — to get this done. Here’s hoping we won’t have such a big gap to close next year — and that we can keep our giving momentum strong throughout the year to keep our ministries fully funded and thriving in 2020!”



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