First Church Welcomes a New Business Staff Addition

By September 20, 2019

Starting August 1st Ralph Green has joined the business office staff, reporting to Steve Fagan. He has served on the Finance Committee (twice), Staff Parish Relations and the Board of Stewards. He has also served as a Stephens Minister (now Congregational Care).

He is a Certified Management Accountant and was the Controller for Klabzuba Oil and Gas from 2005 until his retirement in 2017. At the age of 60 he started to vigorously pursue the deadly sin of sloth, until after 19 months, it was time to either buy bigger clothes or get back in the game. Early in 2019 Larry Ammerman mentioned his upcoming retirement and suggested that he would be a good fit in the business group, especially since he knew Steve Fagan and the gang already.

Ralph and his wife, Lynn, have been members of our church since February of 2007. They are members of the Quest Sunday School class. They have two grown sons Chris and Andrew.

“I knew for sure I didn’t want to jump back in at a Manager or Controller position in the Oil and Gas industry,” he explains. “I had paid my dues for 38 years and was ready for a change that would be helpful to the Church, so Larry and I began talking about the possibility of my helping out,” Ralph relates, “and our conversations eventually led to a proposal to the SPRC, and then my joining the staff.”

The transition, Ralph says, has been interesting and challenging. The prior service on the Finance Committee and other Committee’s has been a huge plus “This is a good place for me right now,” he says. “I already knew most of the members of the Church staff, so there was no need to go through the usual ‘newbie’ status of saying what my favorite color and food was. Larry will be sorely missed, but fortunately Steve is very smart and has been here long enough to know the ins and outs of what’s going on. He will be easy to work with. I’m just here to do whatever is needed to help keep things running smoothly.”

“I just want to be a ‘Bob’” Ralph says, smiling. “I’m at this point in my life/career where I want to use what I know to be helpful; I’m not interested in a name or a title or climbing anything. I’m just Bob, here to serve our church with whatever I have or know or can do to be helpful.”

Welcome, Bob. We’re so lucky and honored to have your expertise, your quick wit, and your huge heart as part of our church’s outstanding business office team.


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