What is First Talks? What are we Talking about?

By July 26, 2019

What does First Talks talk about? In a word, everything.

Whether or not you’ve heard about or been to this somewhat unusual First Church Adult Education offering, this Sunday morning discussion group is a place where our faith community regularly comes together to share thoughts and insights around current events, issues, and topics of concern.

Every Sunday in Room 310 from 9:45 – 10:30, this dynamic and welcoming group watches TED Talks together, enjoys live presentations from special guests, and considers together a wide variety of interesting and inspiring topics.

By setting aside this special time each week focused on relevant, Spirit-filled discussions of matters of interest or concern, we open ourselves individually and collectively to the encouraging work of people in our world who address problems and celebrate blessings and can acquaint us with our own possibilities of power to participate in change and growth in every facet of life.

The group began as a “what-if” project launched by Rev. Tom McDermott and Charme Robarts as a venue for group discussion around topics of interest. As the group took root and grew, Andria and Os Flores stepped in to lead the group, and today it continues each week as a great place to gather for relevant, thought-provoking, and insight-filled discussion.

Charme, who was interviewed in 2016 by UMNews regarding the uniqueness of this Sunday morning offering, says that this group has established something of its own community around these discussions and always welcomes others who enjoy these kinds of stimulating discussions to help open their lives and awareness to the work of Spirit in the world around us.

For more information, contact Charme (crobarts@myfumc.org), watch our weekly FUMCFW E-News Teachers & Topics section to see what the discussion will be for the coming Sunday, or just pop in and try this experience on for yourself and see how it fits!


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