A Hearty Next90 Milestone Celebration and Update

By February 28, 2020

As of this morning, 327 (approximately one-fourth) First Church households who gave to our church last year have submitted commitments that take us past the $10 million milestone, putting us on course for reaching our $15 million Next 90 Phase I Capital Campaign goal. As this exciting early response demonstrates, we are well on our way to fully funding Phase I — and we are more than capable of reaching this goal together.

As exciting as all that is, however, these 327 families cannot lay the foundation for our Next 90 years alone. Every single household in our church in this pivotal time in First Church history deserves the opportunity to claim their family’s unique part in building for the future of our church, just as our past generations did for us. And, while we do have a goal to reach, the amount is not as important as across the board participation of every church member in our time — so that when we say, “We did it!” you can share in that feeling of accomplishment and partnership in the ministries of our church in the Next 90 years.

When asked about their favorite things about Next90, our church, and moving forward on this exciting building expansion that will facilitate even greater ministry and growth, a variety of First Church leaders were all too happy to comply. You may have seen them on our Monday morning screens and social media — and here’s just one to highlight this week’s milestone. Look for more as we continue to keep you updated weekly by week as we move closer and closer to the goal line.

This week we’ll hear from Darcy (Deupree) McCready, who grew up in our church, was an active participant in Youth Ministries, Mission Trips, Youth Choir, and more. As a young adult, Darcy has emerged and blossomed as a very talented leader of our church. She has headed up Board of Stewards, Church Council, and served as our Lay Member to CTC Annual Conference for three years, among other leadership roles. Darcy now shares her gratitude for First Church and its programs and ministries, along with her excitement over how our Next90 Building Expansion Project will grow and expand our capacity to build on an already outstanding Children’s Ministry to welcome more families to First Church.

We want to hear from everyone! Perhaps you could not be here last Sunday.  Perhaps you needed more time for your decision. Be sure to let us hear from you this week! You can mail your commitment to the church, drop it by the office, put it in the offering plate this Sunday, or click here to fill out your commitment form online.

We look forward to keeping you updated in the weeks ahead. Keep those commitment cards rolling in!

Questions about the prayerful process of making this decision? Watch the video by Co-Pastor Lance Marshall and Capital Campaign Consultant Doug Turner for some inspiring tips for finding space in your financial resources to support God’s work through you — and FUMCFW’s Next 90 years.


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