Important Update from Tim and Lance

By April 30, 2020

Hello Friends,

We want to celebrate with you the vibrant ministries of our church, particularly during this time of Stay Home – Work Safe physical distancing. Recent comments by the Governor and City of Ft. Worth have led a few of you to question our church’s plans for worship in the immediate future. Here is where we are today:

First and most importantly, in the most meaningful sense of the word, our church is open and has never been closed. We continue weekly worship and daily prayer and discipleship, connected through the Holy Spirit and through technology. We have merely suspended gathering on-campus for a short while out of an abundance of love for those who are vulnerable to COVID-19 and to those who dedicate their lives to treating the ill.

At some point resuming in-person gatherings will be prudent and safe. What a day of celebration that will be! Until then, we will continue our vibrant ministries and witness of hope and love to our city and the world using all the technological tools at our disposal.

You can find links to all the worship, study, prayer and connection opportunities developed for our “digital campus” are now available on our home page at Our church is celebrating the positive connections we are making through these online offerings with our First Church family and others who are now finding us online and participating in the life of our church!

When it comes time to resume in-person gatherings, we will do so under advisement of public health officials. Because our church features very large attendance, some social distancing practices may be possible at other churches before they are possible at ours. Our staff and lay leaders will receive guidance from health professionals regarding the best timing and methods to resume in-person worship and gatherings to ensure that we all stay healthy and safe.

We wish we could provide a firm timeline for resuming in-person worship, however that is not yet possible. While we yearn to see you in person and to gather together physically, our many online connections with you help us to feel closer to you than ever, despite this distance. Stay home, stay safe, and we’ll see you soon!

Grace and peace,

Tim & Lance

Dr. Tim Bruster
Senior Pastor

Rev. Lance Marshall


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