Roots First

By March 5, 2020

Last Sunday the Special called charge conference approved the new 501c3 called Roots First, which is a joint venture of our First Street Methodist Mission and Habitat for Humanity. This program armed with the mission to provide affordable housing — rather than solely transitional support — for mothers with children hopes to establish multifamily duplexes and access to establish tenant savings programs as an opportunity to work toward Habitat homeownership.

“God has really put people in my path who know what they’re doing,” remarks Linda Murphy, Director of First Street Methodist Mission. She continues on to say, “This project started as a dream of mine after seeing firsthand, the effects of homelessness on children.”

As you may know, the First Street Methodist Mission already gives aid to many mothers with young children. Many of them end up having to live in their cars, staying in shelters, or having to move often from place to place.

This project offers these children — and their mothers — opportunity to acquire education and basic life skills required to “break the generational cycle.”

Seeking to provide these moms and families a stable, affordable place to raise their children, a home that is in close proximity to reputable school systems, our FSMM, and affordable public transit, Roots First has already established key community partnerships with the Center for Transforming Lives, Fort Worth Habitat for Humanity, and Brandon Allen of Allen Architecture who will provide pro-bono architectural services to help make this dream a reality.

“It is an amazing thing to be put in a place of opportunity to do something important without really knowing what to do or how to do it,” says Rev. Lance Marshall, Co-Pastor, “That’s when faith explodes — there’s such an exponential growth when you step up to an opportunity without knowing for sure how it’s going to go — and trusting God and following what unfolds from there.”

So as we follow this new path before us and support this new venture wholly and with grateful, prayerful hearts, we congratulate FSMM Director Linda Murphy and all others involved in bringing Roots First to life.

We can’t wait to witness the change you are sure to inspire.


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