Answering the Call

By April 24, 2020

As we all know too well. This pandemic has affected us all. And many of our friends who live on the streets have been left to fend for themselves in many ways.

FUMCFW’s own community advocate, Charme Robart’s usual Disciple Church Breakfast crew has been feeding the workers at the Fort Worth Convention Center which has become an overflow shelter during the crisis.

Charme explains, “The overflow shelter became a need when the main Fort Worth homeless shelters needed to limit their capacity to facilitate social distancing. Now some 350-400 guests stay at the Convention Center each night.”

They’ve helped provide meals for the 26 social workers and health care workers who are staffing the overflow shelter at the Convention Center. Charme tells us that, “The First Street Mission is also providing meals once per week to those who are staffing the convention center.”

Charme is calling on us to answer the call to feed not only our friends at the Convention Center, but also the guests who are now living all day at the Presbyterian Night Shelter.

To combat the spread of the virus, our friends at the Night Shelter are now allowing their guests to stay at the shelter all day instead of turning them out first thing in the morning. In doing this though, another need has arisen.


To fill this need, the Presbyterian Night Shelter requests 300 sandwiches each day. Once again, our church stepped up. Last Saturday we put a team is in place for this Saturday. Anyone interested in being on a team to make sandwiches at home, please contact Charme Robarts  (crobarts@myfumc) for details.

Please know that you will not be asked to deliver the sandwiches to the shelter; you will drop them off in the church parking lot and Charme will deliver them to the shelter. All the shelters on Lancaster have asked that food donations be channeled through teams like the one we are organizing.

Kudos to all our FUMCFW people who have answered this call. And to those who are listening.


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