Craft Theology with Tom McDermott: Crafting your life

By January 24, 2020

Ever had something on your mind, some deep existential question burning deep inside, but failed to find the right community to drop your existential dread? Maybe you don’t fit neatly into this “theological box” and wondered where you might fit in? Well look no further because you are not alone. We’ve all got these burning issues/thoughts/desires and we all long to find the answer to how we should craft our lives! But the way we craft our lives is largely dependent on, well…us!

How do you craft your life? What is your relationship to God?

Studies show that sharing our ways (and qualms) of life with others can help lift this feeling of “aloneness” we all feel or have felt at one time or another.

Simply stated, theology is the study of God and God’s relationship to the world.  But there’s a lot implied in that definition… and a lot left out.

To think about God is really a chance to think about our thinking – what lies behind our ideas about God, or not-God? Where do our ideas about God come from? Who are we in relationship to our ideas about God, and to life? And how do these ideas speak to the relevant issues of our day?

Craft Theology with Tom McDermott offers a monthly opportunity to grab a favorite, hand-crafted beverage (or tea, or wine, or a soda) and have some lively conversation about how we craft our thinking about God and the challenges (and delights) of crafting our lives. Heretics, skeptics, mystics, the God-curious and the God-denying, or none-of-the-above – all are welcome!


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