Methodist Justice Ministries

By April 24, 2020

FUMCFW is proud of the work the Methodist Justice Ministries are doing during this chaotic and confusing time to help ensure the safety and security of some of our most at-risk members of society. They have also teamed up with the Mission to feed young mothers and children.

Jannette Miller, one of our MJM attorneys sends her words of thanks, “Thank you to our wonderful partners and friends that have graciously helped our MJM Families! I know that the clients I have been involved with helping, and even those who have said so graciously, ‘No, thank you, give it to someone else who needs it more.’ have all expressed such gratitude and love for our help.” She goes on to say, “We have been called angels and good Samaritans. But I can tell you that your support is making a huge difference for our MJM families, me personally, and the precious children who are our future.”

Keep it up MJM team! We are proud to serve with you. As long as we stand together, we will weather this storm.


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