July Lullabies with Peggy and Friends

By June 29, 2020

Over the past two months, Peggy Graff, FUMCFW Organist and Associate Director of Music & Worship Arts, has been working creatively to bring Hymn-a-Day-May and June Tunes to all of our First Church family. The month of July is almost here, and Peggy is starting her newest, virtual, musical offering with – July Lullabies.

Each weekday evening at 6:00 pm, let Peggy and friends help you wind down your day with some relaxing, peaceful, and connective musical offerings; ranging from small choral arrangements to clarinet and cello duets to vocal soloists – and more!

Peggy began doing a little research, and explains that, “Many lullabies, regardless of the meaning of their words, have a peaceful, hypnotic quality. I have discovered that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of songs and instrumental pieces that qualify as ‘lullabies,’ because they have that cradle-like lull to them, or they’re soft and soothing, or their words possess a dream-like charm.”

During this stressful and uncertain time, it’s nice to have something calm and soothing to help wind down your day, decompress your body, mind, and spirit, and take you away from the harsh realities of our time.

Not only is Peggy our July Lullabies host, but also, the curator of our playlists. She spends countless hours carefully and meticulously selecting each song and matching it to its singer or instrumentalist. She makes that job seem simple but is somehow able to find this perfect union of instrument and talent, which holds the power to bring us closer to God.

Join Peggy and friends for this brief, peaceful evening “lullaby” at the end of your day and enjoy the opportunity to slow down, reflect, and connect – to the music, to one another, and to God. You’re invited to watch live on YouTubeFacebook, and SoundCloud!


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