Three for Three (and an encore)

By February 18, 2021

Join us Monday March 1 at 7:00 pm, live online at, for Spectrum Chamber Music Society “Three for Three (and an encore)” concert, livestreamed from our beautiful First Church sanctuary.

This concert will feature unique trios from the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries for various instrumental combinations, plus a 21st Century encore composed by FWSO Principal Oboe Jennifer Corning Lucio!

Spectrum Director Dan Sigale says that the origin of the name, Three for Three is simply his love for wordplay, “when I realized we had three trios on the program, it just came to me. If you don’t already know, most of our programs are pretty eclectic and random. Rather than choosing a theme and trying to find ensembles and pieces to fit that theme, we ask our artists to come to us with their ideas for repertoire. Sometimes we luck out and a theme emerges, as it did here.” He is quick to add, however that so as not mess up his solid wordplay, he changed the name of the concert ever so slightly to “Three for Three (and an encore).”

Sigale adds that one really interesting element of this concert is the addition of an encore — 2020, A Year to Fuguette: Petite Prelude and Fugue — composed by FWSO Principal Oboe, Jennifer Corning Lucio, for the same instrumentation as the Beethoven trio (two oboes and English horn). “Jennifer wrote the fugue part for her wedding several years ago,” he says, “and because she knew she and her colleagues in the FWSO oboe section were going to perform the Beethoven trio this March, she decided to compose a prelude to go with her fugue and add the full piece to the program. With her composition, we have trios representing every century from the 17th through the 21st!”

Another thing worth mentioning about this delightful upcoming concert is that one of the pieces is a transcription of a well-known work by Claude Debussy, “the Petite Suite for two pianos.” Debussy’s composition has been transcribed for full orchestra, as well as many other combinations of instruments, and this time for flute, clarinet, and piano.

And, since Sigale himself will be playing on the Kodaly Serenade for Two Violins and Viola, he says that he would be remiss if he didn’t mention that Kodaly’s biographer created a neat folk tale based on this composition. “According to the story,” he relates, “the first movement is a serenade presented beneath a woman’s window by her potential lover and some musicians. The second movement is a dialogue between the lover (represented by the viola) and the woman (the first violin), in which the woman initially laughs at her lover’s pleading, only for her to change her mind, which leads the lover to teasingly laugh back at her. Now that the two are together, the third movement is a boisterous scene, filled with singing and dancing.”


The “Three for Three (and an encore) Program will include:

BEETHOVEN—Trio for Two Oboes and English Horn in C Major, Op. 87

JENNIFER CORNING LUCIO—2020, A Year to Fuguette: Petite Prelude and Fugue (2021)

Jennifer Corning Lucio and Tamer Edelbi, oboes
Roger Roe, English horn

CLAUDE DEBUSSY—Selections from Petite Suite
(arr. for flute, clarinet and piano by Michael Webster)

Pam Adams, flute
Gary Whitman, clarinet
Shields-Collins Bray, piano

ZOLTÁN KODÁLY—Serenade for Two Violins and Viola, Op. 12

Qiong Hulsey and Ke Mai, violins
Dan Sigale, viola


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