And the Justee Award Goes To . . .

By May 16, 2019

May 5 was our 2019 Youth Banquet, an event that holds all kind of beloved traditions, like senior speeches, slideshows, scholarship announcements, and of course, the Justee Awards. The Justees are 12 awards given to youth every year in honor of fun memories made and notable accomplishments.

Here are this year’s winners:

Penguins MVP – Emma Weir, 6th Grade
Picture of the Year – Landon Peugh, 6th Grade
Singer/Songwriter Award – Taylor Ledbetter, 8th Grade
Worst at Eating Pudding – Jacob Harris, 8th Grade
Hermione Granger Award – Savannah Kennedy, 9th Grade
All-in Award – Izzy Pratt, 10th Grade
Purple Heart Award – Aiden Bond, 11th Grade
Worksite from He(ck) Award – Aiden Muttiah, 11th Grade
The Golden Onion – Landry Peugh, 11th Peugh
Strong and Steady Award – Walker Lynn Woods, 12th Grade
Lance Marshall’s Venison Delivery Service Award – Rev. Lance Marshall
Most Improved Award – Jackie Rodriguez (Intern)


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