This Sunday: Dr. Zhenya Gurina-Rodruiguez “When Guilt Has You Paralyzed”

By September 9, 2019

This Sunday in The Gathering we’ll continue the 7-week churchwide worship series, Facing Life Storms with “When You’re Paralyzed By Guilt.”

Last week it was so exciting to see the renewed enthusiasm of the First-Sunday-of-September, churchwide back-to-church that surge that meant there wasn’t a single empty chair during the 9:30 am Gathering service this past Sunday!

Rev. Lance Marshall even took a break from his family leave to be here on Sunday to kick-off our new Facing Life’s Storms sermon series! (Lance will be back in Sunday worship for good on Sunday, October 6.) If you missed last Sunday’s sermon, click below to check it out below on Youtube!

As we continue this thought-provoking sermon series, in Gathering style we’ll dive deep into the territory where maybe church is most needed — and sometimes least likely to go: hurt, grief, struggle, and what faith has to do with all of it.

Churches sometimes avoid the hard stuff because they don’t want to scare people away. But at The Gathering, we think and talk about the hard stuff, the real stuff — we figure it might be sort of what you came for.

The Gathering Sermon | Sunday, September 8first in the Facing Life’s Storms churchwide worship series.

This Sunday: Zhenya
This Sunday, September 15, Dr. Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez, substitute teacher for the Gathering, will talk about what to do when you’re “Paralyzed by Guilt.”

Next Sunday: Kat
Next Sunday, September 22Kat Bair, Director of Youth Ministries will serve as substitute substitute teacher for The Gathering. She will take on “What To Do When You’re Worn Out.”


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