Have a Busy Summer Sunday Ahead? 

By June 6, 2019

If you have never experienced DiscipleChurch or the warmth and connection of this very special worshipping community, we invite you to consider starting one of your Summer Sundays early and discover yet another way to experience worship under the “big tent” known as FUMCFW.

Many of the regular members of this service provide a shared meal in Wesley Hall at 7:30 am for any who come hungry. At 8:30 a worship and communion celebration begins in Leonard Memorial Chapel.

In the beauty of our chapel, with the depth of insight provided by an impressive roster of preachers and lay leaders, and soul-stirring music presented by Choral Union Section Leader Hans Grim, DiscipleChurch provides a facet of our first Church faith community that may tend to go unnoticed by those who typically worship in other services at other times.

And, while you may still prefer to attend your service of choice at other times, isn’t it nice to know that when your Sunday schedule gets full there’s no need to miss church? Just start your Sunday at 8:30 am in our beautiful Leonard Memorial Chapel and experience the special style of FUMCFW worship known as DiscipleChurch.







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