Project Transformation: Reaching our Fullest Potential

By June 21, 2020

First Church family, we need your help! We are calling on you, our members, to help feed friends in our community. Project Transformation, whose mission it is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships, is one of FUMCFW’s annual partners. The Central Texas Conference hosts an empowering education camp each summer, and usually our volunteers spend two weeks helping out by reading together with the kids.

“While we can’t host an in-person camp this summer,” explains Charme Robarts, FUMCFW Community Advocate, “college interns employed by Project Transformation are still conducting the camp using the power of technology and social media to maintain connection during this time of physical distancing.” In order to still do our part – to connect and help these kids grow – we have agreed to fill grocery bags for every family participating in Project Transformation. We will fill these bags with love, and with much needed grocery items for the kids in the program.

“In addition to the grocery items,” says Charme, “Outreach Ministries has already purchased some important (and fun!) activities for the kids in the program. We have already filled bags with yo-yos and puzzle cubes, and some other fun learning resources, to help these slow, hot, summer months pass by a little quicker.”

The good news is we have already had 15 people signed up to help, but we still need 65 people to agree to purchase all of the grocery items provided on the list below and return those groceries on July 5th at 4:30 pm in the West Parking Lot of our church. The work done during camp together will not be the same this year, but we are still working hand in hand with our partners in Christ to do what we can to help those in need. “Thank you!” exclaims Charme, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping each and every one of these children reach their fullest potential by fostering these special relationships.”

If you can help, please sign-up by clicking here and choose from our 65 available spots. Then, take the list below with you when you go shopping and once you have purchased your grocery items and placed them all in one paper grocery sack, please staple this list to your bag, and return them to Charme Robarts at the West Lot of our church on July 5. If you have any questions about this project or other ways you can help, please email Charme, at



□ 2 chicken noodle soup – 10 oz cans
□ 2 egg noodles – 12 oz bags/boxes
□ alfredo sauce – 15 oz can/ plastic jar
□ 2 green beans – 14.5 oz cans
□ 2 carrots – 14.5 oz cans
□ 4 soup/stew – 10.75 oz cans
□ oatmeal – 18 oz canister
□ applesauce – 46 oz jar
□ 6 raisins/dried fruit – 1 oz boxes
□ instant potatoes – 13.75 oz box
□ peanut butter – 40 oz jar
□ sleeve of crackers

To learn more about the continued efforts of Project Transformation, please visit them at,


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