A Circle of Eve — Literally

By April 10, 2020

Last week the wild women of the UMW Circle of Eve decided to do their part to not only help feed the hungry babies of Fort Worth as active participants in the FSMM Weekly Scavenger Hunt, but they also decided to make a party of it — social distance style.

Bringing their scavenged supplies of infant formula, diapers, wipes, and baby cereal, the group converged on the parking lot of the First Street Mission in their cars. “They arrived, literally circled their cars about 20 feet apart, and then sat on their hoods and tailgates and laughed, talked, called out to one another, and enjoyed picnic-style refreshments from the safety of their own spaces, recounts Linda Murphy, FSMM director. “It was such a welcome sight—both the supplies they provided and their happy smiling faces!”

“This is such a great example of our church stepping up to new challenges,” says Rev. Lance Marshall, Co-Pastor, “All over this congregation we have people who are finding new ways to be together — and meeting people where they are to help fill the gaps in what they were able to do, obtain, and provide to continue our ministries in new and meaningful ways.”


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