What’s NEXT 1.8.21

By January 8, 2021

As you’ve probably noticed, things are progressing behind the blue perimeter fence that surrounds the site of our Next90 Phase I building expansion. With asphalt dug up in what used to be our East parking lot, crews are busily excavating an enormous 80 feet by 50 feet hole oriented in the Northeast corner of the East parking lot, the long side running East/West along 3rd street. This dramatic first step is to create space to house the new ONCOR electrical transformers.

This hole, when complete, will be 19 feet deep (it’s only a little over halfway there!) and will be sporting 25 steel piers and a surrounding retaining wall as it awaits the delivery of the transformers. This giant vault will be covered and sodded over once complete, making a new and larger source of electrical power available to our church to power the Next 90 Building expansion for both phases.

“They’ve been blowing and going,” reports Mark Sorley, FUMCFW Construction Administrator, speaking of the heavy equipment, construction workers, and giant trucks coming and going to haul away excavated dirt and rock. “There’s a regular sight around here of 18-wheeler dumpster trucks hauling stuff out fast and furious as they dig. It’s so exciting to watch this progress unfold!”


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