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By April 3, 2020

To help connect willing volunteers with real needs in our First Church Family, we’ve installed a new “I Want to Help!” button at the top of our Home Page. Each Week we’ll be updating opportunities available for those who would be willing to make check-in calls, write notes of encouragement, shop, run errands, and more!

FUMCFW Clergy and staff are now reaching out by phone, handwritten notes, and email to more than 600 people age 65 and older who aren’t part of a Sunday School Class, Grace Group, or regular Study Group (if you now someone who needs to be added to this list, please contact Lisa Helm, Director of Welcoming Ministries)

Reaching out to those members of our church who may feel especially isolated and lonely during this time could mean a lot. Simple gestures such as phone calls, greeting cards, check-ins, or assistance with simple errands, tasks, or even learning how to Zoom or worship online could literally make a world of difference.

To connect with members of our church who are in need of these things, contact either Lisa (lhelm@myfumc.org) or Phyllis (pbarren@myfumc.org) and let them know, and they’ll be happy to include you in this meaningful work.

Weekly MissionScavenger Hunt

In keeping with their deep commitment to keeping folks fed, our First Street Methodist Mission has increased needs to offer groceries and emergency funds to those in dire need. Please consider making a cash donation to help purchase additional groceries, (go to fumcfw.org/give and choose First Street Methodist Mission from the drop-down menu)

Join our weekly Mission Scavenger Hunt (a churchwide email blast goes out each Monday to let us know of immediate needs for the week) to help replenish dwindling supplies for people in need, especially parents of babies and young children. To play, just add these items to your weekly grocery lists and when you go to the store to get food for your own family, please purchase the limit allowed (or as much as you can) of the items identified.

This week the search is on for:

  • Individual Baby Food – fruits and vegetables
  • Size 4 or 5 Diapers
  • Baby Wipes
  • Rice or Oatmeal BABY Cereal

Drop these items off at the First Street Methodist Mission, 801 West 1st Street, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm at the door on the Henderson Street Side of the Building.

Questions? Contact Linda Murphy, FSMM Director | lmurphy@myfumc.org



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