7.11.19 News Briefs

By July 9, 2019
Welcome back to Cornerstone Youth Choir from your annual tour! . . . we’re also very proud of our Middle School Mission Blitz and our High School Mission Trippers (view youth summer photos!). . . congratulations to First Street Methodist Mission Director Linda Murphy on her newest grandbaby . . . this week we have had 600 children in the church for VBS 2019, “To Mars and Beyond” with daily skits headed up by the fun-loving hilarity of our own Dr. Tim Bruster and Dr. Mike Marshall (watch a highly undignified video) . . . this year the VBS Mission Goal was to raise money by selling “trading cards” of Kenyan children who want to go to school — and fund tuition for sending five kids to school in Kenya next school year. They reached their goal in the first three days and increased their goal to 10 kids by Friday . . . Dr. Bill Longsworth’s knee replacement surgery went well, and he is all set to recuperate impatiently at home . . . Rev. Tom McDermott, and church members Darryl Parker and Mike Phillips are traveling this weekend to the Wild Goose Festival and Conference in North Carolina, a progressive emergent church gathering around social justice and ministry to a diverse community. Tom will be presenting the ideas behind our eleven:eleven worship service and why we do it the way we do it, and Darryl and Mike will be leading sessions on dialogue and restorative practices in workshop settings.

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