Children’s CD Project: Kids Serving Kids

By June 6, 2019

This year, instead of a Children’s Musical, our children’s choirs, grades Pre-K-5, recorded a CD. That’s right. A CD. Through the certifiable genius of “Mister Mark” Burrows (read about his latest Chorister’s Guild coup here!) and his local connections with a recording studio (this isn’t his first recording rodeo, either!) About 80 of our FUMCFW kiddos each week — closer to 100 in all participated — got the whole rock-star experience. Over a period of three Sundays, these children from our Academy Sunday School choir program along with children’s choir directors Julie Dean and Chris Rathburn and accompanist Sara Davis, went to Fort Worth Sound to record music and selected readings they have been working on since the beginning of this school year.

This 30-minute CD, titled “God’s Hands” presents songs familiar to FUMCW kids from Children First and Faith Like a Child, many (if not most) composed by Mister Mark, along with a few short hymns, including Gloria Patri and Amazing Grace, and recitations of The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, and John 3:16.

“Our reason for doing this was to have a way for our “little bitties” — preschool, three-year-olds, toddlers, and even babies in cribs — to hear these words and melodies over and over,” Mister Mark explains. “This way we can teach even our littlest children the music and readings that are the foundation of our faith.”

Following the official release of the CD on May 21, the Children’s Ministry hosted a CD Release party, instructing guests to bring a brand-new teddy bear in exchange to two CDs — one to keep and one to give away. More than 100 bears were donated (along with a couple of narwhals and elephants, compliments of our youngest out-of-the-box thinkers). This week these were all delivered to Cook Children’s Hospital as part of their Prayer Bear ministry.

“It was really a wonderful experience of kids helping kids,” Mister Mark adds, “with a lot of fun and learning thrown in to make this whole project a meaningful experience that these kids and families will hopefully remember.”


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