Now It’s Our Turn

By December 6, 2018

When early members of our church saw a need for expansion, they stepped out in faith to grow and follow God’s call. Now it’s our turn. Vote this Sunday at 12:30 in the Sanctuary to move forward with our Next90 Building Expansion Project.

Gaye Fuller, a longtime member of FUMCFW and member of the Building Study Committee has a few important things to say about the Next90 campaign from her own perspective, both as churchgoer who grew up in this church to front row observer of the tireless work and careful scrutiny of the Building Study Committee.

Pointing both to the growth of the church and the growth of Fort Worth, her excitement bubbles over: “ I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this project,” she says with her trademark smile, ”When I see the growth and excitement and all that is going on in our church — and how fort Worth is growing all around us — I am more energized and positive than ever before.”

Mostly, Gaye says, she can’t wait to sit in the rotunda, where she says she sees great possibilities for members of our congregation to spend time together, even if they attend different services, classes, studies, or activities. “Our church will be connected as it has never been connected before,” she adds.

So what can we do right now as members of this church to help bring this transformation about? For one thing, Gaye tells us we must show up and vote on December 9 at 12:30 in the Sanctuary. “This is not a vote to build,” she adds, “but a vote to move forward in the process and start a capital campaign and authorize the architects to do more detailed planning.

“But before you do that,” Gaye says, “do yourself a favor and get educated on the particulars of this expansion.” She goes on to advise that anyone who didn’t get to attend one of the live presentations of this project (or to take a closer look at your own pace) can find everything that was presented online. In fact, she adds, if you go to our website ( it’s the first thing you see at the top of the page.

When you click on that link you’ll find the full presentation by Dr. Tim Bruster and Building Study Committee Chair Barry Hudson, an animated flythrough that will literally put you in the new spaces to see how they will look and feel. And, if your questions are more financial in nature, you will find the full presentation of the findings of the Building Finance Committee presented by Business Administrator Larry Ammerman.

“Regardless of how you vote,” Gaye urges, “this is your opportunity to learn about this project and make sure your voice is heard.” Gaye emphasizes that this after-church vote won’t be a presentation, but rather a quick vote by all the church members and clergy present as outlined by The United Methodist Book of Discipline. (You must be present to vote.) She also reminds us that throughout the history of our church, every time we have needed to grow our predecessors have stepped out in faith, regardless of what was going on in the church or the country or the world. “Now it’s our turn,” she says. “So be sure to get to the Sanctuary this Sunday at 12:30 and vote — and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the rotunda!”


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