Following the guidelines recommended by Tarrant County Public Health,
all church worship services, events, and meetings will be online only until further notice.

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Your First Church Quarantine Survival Kit

We know it’s not a roll of toilet paper, but this is our gift to you during this time to help you stay centered and draw strength and comfort in God’s love and presence.  Use this guide to stay connected with one another and to God – and do all you can to make the most of the hidden gifts beneath this worldwide crisis. 

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Youth MinistriesZ - Front Page
April 7, 2020

Because it Matters More Today

God has shown us what perfect love is in Jesus, and that love didn’t sweep in and solve problems, it didn’t tell us we didn’t have it so bad, or to make the most of the situation. That love came and walked alongside and prayed alongside and suffered alongside.
Community AdvocateZ - Front Page
April 7, 2020

Is Hope the Same as Magical Thinking?

Being afraid of something does not mitigate hope. We are human and we cannot be anything else. Any number of things can bring us to fear, and in humility we know that. And yet, hope survives and thrives alongside fear.
Adult MinistriesChildren's MinistriesChurchwideLentYouth MinistriesZ - Front Page
April 6, 2020

Family Maundy Thursday Dinner

Something does not have to be big or loud or fancy to be sacred. Holiness doesn’t rest in the décor, or formality of a place. We build sanctuaries and play organs and gather in beautiful buildings and wear nice clothes to remind ourselves of the greatness of our God, and…
Community AdvocateDiscipleChurchZ - Front Page
April 3, 2020

Palm Sunday with online communion

I'm thinking of you and praying for you. How have you kept your self busy? Any good stories to tell?
SanctuarySenior PastorWorshipZ - Front Page
April 3, 2020

The True Vine

This week we’ll continue our Lenten worship series, I Am, with the sermon, “The True Vine.” In the Gospel of John, Jesus compares himself — and us — metaphorically to a vine and its branches: “I am the vine; you are the branches.
LentPrayer & Spiritual FormationZ - Front Page
April 3, 2020

To Receive the Bread of Heaven, You Have to Let Go

Every year at this time, we find our way through Lent into Palm Sunday and Holy Week. And like the first disciples, we too easily miss the main point, or forget what we have learned about how to truly see and be fed.
eleven:elevenZ - Front Page
April 3, 2020

What’s Next?

There is an inescapable sense of anxiety right now. What are we in…Day 33 of Social Distancing? Over 21 days of “Shelter in place.” And for some of us, there’s even something called anticipatory grief – the change we fear may be coming. The grief over “what’s next?”
Methodist Justice MinistryZ - Front Page
April 2, 2020

Where is God in all this?

This enforced time at home, separated from work and from daily routines and pleasures, has led to some reflection on my part on the random suffering and death caused by the coronavirus. Where is God in all this?
Stewardship & GenerosityZ - Front Page
April 1, 2020

We Are Not Alone

I hope you are participating in the many online opportunities provided by First Church! I certainly found comfort and reassurance when I watched First Church’s worship services this past Sunday. I cannot begin to count how many times I have recited the Affirmation which begins, “We are not alone; we…
Adult Sunday SchoolChildren's MinistriesChurchwideYouth MinistriesZ - Front Page
April 1, 2020

Family Sunday School

For all of the struggles, anxieties, and challenges of this season, it has offered a lot to First Church, an unexpected gift: family time. While we are in this season, you’ll be receiving simple “Family Sunday School” guides each week. These aren’t for children, or teenagers, or adults, they are…
The GatheringZ - Front Page
March 31, 2020

There is no going back: Lessons from my last quarantine — Part II

My past experiences of quarantine, fear, and struggle have given me a lot to think about during our coronavirus pandemic.
SanctuarySenior PastorWorshipZ - Front Page
March 28, 2020

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

This week in our Sanctuary worship services we will continue our Lenten worship series, I AM, with “The Way, the Truth and the Life”

We welcome, celebrate, and embrace ALL.

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