Following Tarrant County Public Health guidelines, we will begin in-person,
indoor worship with limited seating, advance registration, safe social distancing,
mandatory masks, and other health and safety protocols on October 18, 2020.

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COVID’s Fine Line

As you may know, after months of careful consideration of a myriad of factors, and in close consultation with local public health officials, we’ve decided to give in-person, indoor worship at First Church a try.


Pastor’s Report to the Charge Conference 2020

The state of the church is strong and growing in strength, even during this very difficult year when we have had to learn to do things in a different way. We are looking to the future in trust and faith and great hope — all based on what God is doing in the present.


Indoor, In-person Worship THIS Sunday

We have been carefully planning a safer return to in-person worship for months now, and we are so excited to invite you back to in-person, indoor worship this Sunday, October 18 at the 9:30 Gathering and 11:00 am Sanctuary services.


Central Texas and Louisiana Conferences Team Up for Hurricane Laura Relief

Volunteer teams are invaluable in times of disaster, absorbing some of the expenses and personnel needed to face the tasks.


October 18 and an Ongoing Caveat

Upon looking at the weekly trends we’ve been advised to watch most closely and the advice of public health officials, we have delayed that start date another week — to a new hopeful date of October 18. With an ongoing caveat.


Methodist Justice Ministry Welcomes Our Newly Selected Board Members.

The mission of MJM is to provide light and hope to families who have experienced neglect and domestic violence by providing free legal representation and ongoing support to ensure that the children with a caring and protective caregiver.

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Watch it Again

Community AdvocateDiscipleChurchWorshipZ - Front Page
October 22, 2020

Write Your Own Ending

Long ago in a faraway place the good King Westerfal ruled his peaceful kingdom with kindness.
SanctuaryWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
October 21, 2020

The Good Trouble of Singlespeak

Sunday we’ll be challenged by Jesus the Good Troublemaker to the discipline of truth-telling and clarity. What would it be like if we said what we mean and we mean what we say?
Stewardship & GenerosityWelcoming MinistriesZ - Front Page
October 21, 2020

It Happened This Past Sunday

What a joy it was to speak masked face to masked face with several church members this last Sunday as we resumed onsite inside worship. Thanks to all those who made a choice to join us! Thanks to hundreds of you who continue to be faithful in your online presence.
SanctuaryWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
October 14, 2020

The Good Trouble of Economic Justice

Sunday, we’ll be challenged by Jesus as we think together about the issue of economic justice — an issue that Christians and other Abrahamic faiths find themselves struggling with.
GiveStewardship & GenerosityZ - Front Page
October 13, 2020

Third Quarter Contribution Statements Have Been Sent

I am sitting at my home computer writing this and thinking how blessed I am to be associated with each of you! Thank you for hanging in there with First Church during these unusual times of the pandemic.
ReflectionsZ - Front Page
October 8, 2020

Serendipity & Providence in One Melodic Moment!

Serendipitous moments are often pleasant and unexpected. Let me tell you about such a moment last month that was not just pleasant — it was downright providential!
SanctuaryWorshipWorshipZ - Front Page
October 7, 2020

The Good Trouble of a Clear Priority

In everything he did, in everything he said, Jesus acted out of a clear priority — people. So, what does that clear priority mean for us today?
DiscipleChurchZ - Front Page
October 2, 2020

Bread for the Soul

Each week in DiscipleChurch Dr. Bill Longsworth leads the celebration of communion with two very significant items: home baked bread from his mother’s recipe (scaled down) and a ceremonial Olivewood chalice from the Holy Land. Here’s a little more about this sacred home communion ritual — maybe to inspire your…

We welcome, celebrate, and embrace ALL.

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