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This Week’s Opportunites

Light of the World 8.7-8.28
Lay Leadership 8.14 - 9.11
Youth Parent Meeting 8.21
Confirmation Parent Meeting 8.28
CCM Recruitment 8.28 9.11
Welcome Back WA 9.1
The Book of Judith 9.7
You’re Not Alone — A Mom’s Bible Study 9.15-11.17 Fridays
Living the Questions Short Term Study 9.16
YoPro Bibl Study 8.10 8.24 9.14 9.28 10.12 10.26
Crafting Difficult Conversations_Tuesday
Men's In-Depth Bible Study_wednesday
Pastor's Bible Study_Fridays
Preparing for Marriage 9.11
Grief Support 10.23
Youth Christmas Party 12.4

The Gathering

9:30 am | Wesley Hall
Rev. Lance Marshall

Traditional Worship

11:00 am | Sanctuary
Rev. Lance Marshall


11:11 am | 512 W. 4th Street
Rev. Tom McDermott

If you’ve been worshiping with us for a while and want to find out how to get connected at FUMCFW, we invite you to find your Worship + One.
What is Worship + One? In addition to attending worship, it simply means find a “plus one” — a group, a study, or a place to serve that connects with you so you can connect with others, build relationships, and experience the power and purpose in leading a Christ-centered life.
For details, please email Lisa Helm (lhelm@myfumc.org), Director of Welcoming Ministries or Dr. Mike Marshall (mmarshall@myfumc.org), Associate Pastor of Leadership Development — and be sure to include your phone number in your email!

Super Moons, Illumination, and Stirring up Mud

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I have a bumper sticker on my ukulele case that reads, “Beware the dangers of stupid people in large groups.” We all think it’s talking about those other people, right?

A Special Message for FUMCFW Members Who Are 70½ or Older

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First Church is blessed with many wise individuals and one such gentleman approached me recently with an excellent question. Do we remind those members, 70½ and above, how First Church can benefit from their Qualified Charitable Distributions and Required Minimum Distributions?

Jesus, CoVid, and How to Love the World

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This Sunday I’m beginning a new series looking at the Gospel of Luke and his post-Resurrection understanding of how Jesus’ life and ideas offered the world a new way of being in relationship to life.
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FUMCFW Healthy Plate Discipleship

At First Church we believe in creating and maintaining  a healthy balance in our spiritual life with a planning tool we call Healthy Plate Discipleship. Click on one of the six Healthy Plate Discipleship categories below to explore each area of Christian discipleship to discover your own path to a balanced and fulfilling spiritual life!









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