Catch the First Church Pickleball Excitement!

By September 6, 2019
Come find out and see how you can be part of this exciting new opportunity to fill your PLAY with a new slice of fun!
Pickleball Organizers Meeting
Sunday, September 8 | 12:15 – 1:15 pm | Room 154
Light lunch served! (could involve pickles)

NBC News calls it “the fastest growing sport you’ve never heard of” . . . others call it “fun for all ages and levels of conditioning” . . . and still others say it’s great exercise while you’re having a blast and meeting and getting to know different people every week. Here at FUMCFW we’re just going to call it the best possible way to add a slice of PLAY to your Healthy Plate — and invite others to visit our church and see what a great place First Church Fort Worth is to be!

So, what exactly is pickleball, anyway?

Pickleball, said to be one of the fastest growing recreational sports in America, involves a ball, a small court, a net, and usually four players. According to some it’s some sort of grand hybrid of ping pong, tennis, and racquetball. According to the USA Pickleball Association (and yes, there is one!), this strange sport now sweeping country clubs, municipalities, parks and rec departments, and church gymnasiums across the nation, enthusiasts of all ages are scurrying to set up courts and make this fun accessible to all ages and walks of life. (Here’s more info and a glimpse of what this crazy-fun looks like).

Why is our church talking about Pickleball?

A small but enthusiastic group of church members and staffers are interested in beginning a First Church pickleball league in the Justin Youth Building gym. We’re exploring the options, considering times and dates, and looking for a few similarly excited participants to help organize a whole new kind of First Church fun and fellowship. And, because Pickleball is so popular in so many circles, it also makes for an excellent way to invite and welcome new people to our church — and let them experience for themselves the warmth and friendliness of our First Church family.

Come see what it’s all about — and help us plan a new First Church PLAY adventure!

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