FUMCFW Packages 20,000 Meals for Rise Against Hunger

By March 5, 2020

In our 8th annual Rise against Hunger event, hosted on March 1 in the Justin Building, participants from across our First Church family packaged 20,000 meals for families in need of food.

More than 100 participants joined the fun – ranging in age from three to eighty years old — and everyone in between! “It’s such a great event for every generation, from people in their 80s to preschoolers,” says Charme Robarts, Community Advocate and Rise Against Hunger Organizer, “It’s so much fun watching families working together to package these meals.”

A huge thank you to all who showed up, donned their food handling gloves, and rocked the required and adorable mesh hairnets. Our FUMCFW youth members, led fearlessly by Director Kat Bair and Assistant Director Matt Britt,  took over the entire 9:30 am slot and did incredible work as part of their Youth Service Project.

Kat adds that since Rise Against Hunger happened to coincide with her 5th Grade tour of the Justin Building as part of their confirmation curriculum, she loved the opportunity to stop in the midst of all that activity to let these new kids take 20 extra minutes to pack a few meals and learn what this event is all about. “It was an additional fifteen(ish) sets of hands — and a wonderful, unexpected learning opportunity,” she adds.

Food insecurity happens for many reasons — drought, fires, floods, or government instability. Armed with many hands and eager, gracious hearts, we at FUMCFW packed our goal of 20,000 meals.

In fact, this year, we surpassed an impressive milestone of 100,000 meals packaged over our eight years of service with this incredible organization.

Each meal kit fully serves a family of six and is made up of rice, soy, dried vegetables, spices, and a vitamin packet. Once received, the family just needs to add water in order to prepare the meal. Since 2005, Rise Against Hunger volunteers have helped distribute more than 455 million meals worldwide.
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