Why Drum?

By August 1, 2019

From inducing deep relaxation and relieving stress to lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system and relieving depression and anxiety, researchers say that drumming can actually make you smarter— the physical transmission of rhythmic energy actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres.

“Group drumming provides a direct, visceral experience of what is possible for community and working together as we pay more attention to the group’s rhythm and less on our individual skill and pattern,” Tom explains. “That’s the trick. I tell the group, ‘It’s not about you, it’s about the group.’ Once we take our mind off how good or bad our technique is, and pay more attention to the group’s rhythm creation, our own drumming just seems to fall in place. We start to notice how interesting our own rhythm pattern is as it relates to the whole. but it took paying attention to the whole group first.” Tom smiles, then adds, “Life can teach us where we fit in when we pay attention to it.”

First We Drum, our free community drum circle created to inspire and encourage all who share a love for creating rhythm, connecting with others, and nurturing their well-being and inner joy will reconvene on Tuesday, August 13 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm in Wesley Hall.

No experience necessary! Join us for this casual, lighthearted, learn-as-you-go experience where the main requirement is your enthusiastic presence.

No drum? No problem! We have plenty to share and all are welcome to join the circle and discover the sheer joy of drumming.

When it gets right down to it, just about everyone likes to bang on things,” says Austin Patton, FUMCFW Director of A/V Resources and First We Drum facilitator. It’s a great way to release stress, anxiety, and tension.” He laughs, then adds, “and it’s way better than punching someone!” Austin is a lifetime drummer and has even served as drum accompanist for TCU’s dance classes.

“Drumming is really easy to do, and anybody can do it, even if you’ve never touched a drum before,” he emphasizes. “We give a little bit of basic technique instruction at the beginning to give them a head start — and mainly so they don’t hurt their hands — then we do a few fundamental exercises and they’re ready to go!” Austin also says that while this group is usually more beginner-friendly, it’s still fun for everyone.

So now, armed with all this information, what could you possibly have to do on Tuesday evenings that will do all of that for you — and be more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Thought so. See you in the Drum Circle!


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