The Aftershow with Lance and Dr. Z Returns with, “Noah”

By July 5, 2020

After the success of Rev. Lance Marshall and Dr. Zhenya Gurina-Rodrigez’s, six-week run of “The Chosen: Aftershow,” they return for one night only for another aftershow Q&A over Darron Aronofsky’s critically acclaimed 2014 film, “Noah.”

This $130 million epic retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood, carries this advisory: “While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.”

Of all the remarkable stories told in the Bible, Noah is arguably one of the most recognizable and beloved stories; one we all grow up knowing. Starring Russell Crowe as the titular character, Noah, we follow his story from beginning to end. And, while there is some information that may be new to you as viewer, it was not just created in Hollywood; many of the added elements in the film do, in fact, come from other parts of the Bible, and some come from the Apocryphal texts, as well as the Pseudepigrapha, which Dr. Z explains, “…is just a long name for all kinds of ancient writings from Biblical times that may not have been included in our Bible.”

When asked why they wanted to do an aftershow about this film in particular, Dr. Z explains, “We had so much fun with The Chosen that I knew we had to come up with an epic film as a follow-up, and it had to be ‘Noah.’ We’ve even enlisted the help of our fabulous Director of Children’s Ministry, Mister Mark, to help us with the after show. If there is anyone who knows the story of Noah, it is a Children’s Minister. I have also used this film before teaching classes, and I am truly excited to hear how our community enjoyed (or, maybe didn’t enjoy) this modern retelling of this incredible story.”

Dr. Z goes on to say, “I saw ‘Noah’ when it came out back when I was in seminary. I got to see it at the same time I was so involved with my biblical studies and after I saw it, I noticed several of my (non-seminary) friend’s Facebook posts saying how this film didn’t follow the ‘real’ story of Noah. But a lot of what people thought was ‘made up in Hollywood’ just wasn’t from our most well-known telling of Noah from Genesis.” (A clue from Dr. Z tells us that the Book of Enoch provides us with a lot of answers and fills in some gaps…)

Without any spoilers, keep an eye out for the fallen angels that become “The Watchers,” be sure you remember – or think back on – your own story of hearing the story of Noah and his Ark. What do you remember? What seems new?

Find some time to sit back and enjoy your own screening of “Noah,” and then join us tomorrow night on Facebook Live at 8:00 pm as Lance, Dr. Z, and Mister Mark untangle some of these storylines and characters by looking into some ancient – lesser known – versions of the story of Noah.


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