Bold. Faithful. Excited. Energized.

By March 2, 2020

Bronson Davis shares why he’s excited about investing in the Next90 Building Expansion Project. “We’re all part of this church and we all need to make a commitment to making it better.”

As commitments continue to roll in, we’re so excited to be able to say that with cash in hand and 359 commitments received, we are now at $10.2 million, and more than two-thirds of the way to our goal! It’s finally time to step boldly and faithfully into our future with Phase I of our Next90 Building Expansion Project.

We so believe that this is the next right thing to do that we’re fully committing ourselves to following in the faithful footsteps of those who went before us. It’s our turn now to to build facilities that will enable future generations to carry on God’s work through the ministries and mission of First Church Fort Worth in new and exciting ways.

So what’s next?

This month our Building Finance Committee will meet with the Texas Methodist Foundation to go over the financial details and finalize our comprehensive financial plan for Phase I. Following this meeting, the Building Committee will review this plan, along with now 100 percent complete construction documents, and make the recommendation to the Trustees that on Sunday, March 29 at 12:15 in the Sanctuary, our congregation will meet to vote on moving forward with construction.

Meanwhile, we await the response of our First Methodist Foundation to our formal request for support for Next90 Phase I, and we encourage continuing discernment among those who have yet to make their commitment. We can’t wait to see what God will do through us on this project — and how many more commitments will come from individual households ready to claim their part in this exciting, transformative, history-making project as committed members of our First Church faith community.

We’ll keep you updated on any new developments and additional progress toward our goal!


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