October Financial Dashboard: We’re Making Progress!

By November 22, 2019

We’re glad to report the generous First Church response to the Finish Strong campaign — with October giving exceeding our Ministry Plan by $29,000! What this means, according to Steve Fagan, Director of Finance, is that we’re making good progress toward our year-end goal. “Last month when we sent out the September dashboard, we needed to raise $1,111,000 to finish the year,” he says. “As of today, we need to raise $830,000.”

With many Finish Strong contributions, large and small, coming in, completed pledges, and $20 bills in the offering plates each Sunday, Steve says it’s inspiring to see our First Church family uniting around this big goal. “We’re making great progress,” he adds, “but there’s still work to do in order to Finish Strong for 2019.”

Steve goes on to explain that when we ask our faith community to Finish Strong, it’s not a crisis. “God’s work will get done,” he says, “but we want this church to be a part of that work. We want to give everyone in our church the opportunity to be our ministry partners by investing in God’s work.”

Steve says that while most of us understand that lives are transformed as a result of the ministries we support with our financial contributions, the surprise for many is all the ways in which our own lives — and hearts — are transformed when we give. “That’s why GIVE is a slice on our Healthy Plate Discipleship,” he adds. “That’s why we ask you to help us Finish Strong.”


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