Polar Express Adventure

By November 19, 2020

As everything goes back online due to the spread of COVID-19 in our community, everyone on our First Church staff is busily rethinking how to make Advent and Christmas meaningful and live up best to our Still Christmas theme while still also keeping people safe.

Enter the creative mind of Mister Mark Burrows and his helpers, Ms. Janice Cooper, Ms. Mary Katri, and Ms. Donna Smith. This year, just as in all other years at our church, we will host a Polar Express pajama party for First church kids of all ages and their families. Except this year, this beloved tradition will be experienced in your homes, and here’s how . . .

Our Children’s Ministries team is assembling Polar Express Adventure Kits for First Church families that will contain all the essential ingredients for a home-based Polar Express party. In addition to hot chocolate, a ticket, and a few other surprises, this magical kit will even hold a scroll from Santa with prompts for things to do at certain points in the movie. (When you see this happen, do this!) And, Mister Mark also says that if you don’t have a streaming service or access to this movie, several copies of the Polar Express DVD will be available for checkout.

The pick-up day for the Polar Express Adventure kits is Sunday, December 6th from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm. (Dr. Mike the Conductor and Santa will be there to say Hi!)

And . . .

Santa would love it if, when you come to pick up your kits, you would bring a hand-made Christmas card. Santa will take all the Christmas cards and deliver them to hospital patients and workers who will LOVE receiving them!

All aboard!


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