7.11.19 Social Roundup

By July 9, 2019


Total facebook share reach = 54,418

Total facebook reach = 38,689

Total reach = 93,107

FUMCFW Daily Devotional

Our FUMCFW Daily Devotional goes out each day. Content comes from Upper Room, but our social media team posts this content with original images that also include a Bible verse. We boost this message (which means it appears in the feed for targeted audiences for a minimum of four days.) to maximize the effectiveness and scope of this online ministry.

Total Reach for Daily Devotionals for the Month of June:

FB Reach for Devotionals = 46,527 (meaning our devotional appeared on someone’s Facebook feed )

People who shared our Devotionals = 626

People reached by our devotionals because someone shared it = 211,588

Comments & Reviews

Noteworthy comments received this past week on all  of our social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram include:

Instagram — “Watch Us Online”

This makes me happy! Thank you!

Facebook Review

Wonderful Church with friendly people and great sermons.

Facebook — First We Drum

Bet this is fun!

Facebook — Goostree Lecture — Al Staggs on Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Looking forward to this play. Thoughtfulness is rare today. 

Looking forward to this!

Facebook — Pastor’s Bible Study

God bless you all !

Facebook — Social Roundup

That’s pretty cool.

Twitter — Social Roundup

Leslie P @g00g01p1ex (595 Followers)

Loves faith journey, family, tech, sɔıʇılod, history.

Featured Social Roundup in the Business section of her weekly paper

Twitter —First We Drum

Featured in the Arts and Entertainment section

Facebook — Monday Musers

Interesting title and questions

Looks like a very good book !

I picked this up at Annual Conference. I am looking forward to reading it.

Facebook — Moment With Mike

Seriously. I plan to visit. Sounds and looks like a great place where Christians hang out. That’s rare today.

Live Stream

Total Combined Online Worship Audience (Sanctuary, The Gathering, and eleven:eleven) for this past week was 37; however, 163 more viewed a worship service on YouTube over the course of the week. 

YouTube Worship

This past week, following the live services, there were

163 views of worship services (combined total of Sanctuary, The Gathering, Faith Like a Child, and eleven:eleven.

144 views of other videos including Sanctuary worship promo, Moment with Mike, and See You at Church.

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See you @ the Social!


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