July Financial Dashboard

By August 30, 2019

Wondering where we are financially for July 2019? Here’s the July FUMCFW Financial Dashboard and a few quick notes from our Committee on Finance and Business Office staff.

For the month of July 2019,

  • Member giving is up, but we’re still running a little behind for the year-to-date
  • Overall attendance is up compared to this time last year, but new members are down as compared to that same period.

According to our Business Office Staff and Committee on Finance, heading into August we’re in pretty good shape, with a lower release of designated cash reserve funds required than in May and June. (Designated Cash Reserve funds are designated by the Committee on Finance to help even out uneven cash flow at certain times of the year to help close the gap in slow financial months.) “By keeping pledges current and making additional gifts as you feel called to do throughout the year, we can leave these funds in reserve for the end of the year and beyond,” says Steve Fagan, Director of Finance.


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