Catch the Vision! Sundays 1/12 & 1/19 at 12:15 in Wesley Hall

By January 10, 2020

Join us in Wesley Hall on Sundays January 12 and 19 at 12:15 to learn the latest news, information, and updated vision for the Next90 Building Expansion Program.

This will be the first of two identical meetings to bring our entire church family up to date on Next90 Phasing details and the ingenious solutions that will meet our most immediate needs, while setting the stage perfectly for the full expression of this vision for our church’s future.

In this brief but informative meeting, you’ll hear from Dr. Tim Bruster, Senior Pastor, and Rev. Lance Marshall, Co-Pastor, what excites them most about the Next90 building expansion program, then you’ll hear detailed descriptions from Barry Hudson, Building Committee Chair, of the Phase I construction timeline and process.

This will be a time and place to get your questions answered, share the excitement with your church family, and learn more about what matters most to you about the exciting Next90 vision for our future as a church.

Finally, you’ll hear the details of our $15 million Next90 Capital Campaign — and how with our robust head start of more than $5 million in hand, we’re hoping to emerge from Phase I completely free of long-term debt. And then, following the completion of Phase I we’ll be ready with all the infrastructure in place to begin a second capital campaign and Phase II construction to complete the full expression of the Next90 vision.

These two consecutive meetings will be identical, and you are more than welcome to attend either or both!

January 12 | 12:15 pm

January 19 | 12:15 pm

Come, bring your excitement, your curiosity and your questions and we’ll celebrate this exciting new chapter in the life of our church!



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