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3 Selfish Reasons I’m Grateful for First Street Methodist Mission

By | Jul-16-2020 | First Street Methodist Mission, Serve, Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

Over these past 4 months, I have been unbelievably grateful for First Street Methodist Mission for a variety of selfish reasons. I wanted to offer this love letter to the ministry that has ministered to me in these past 4 months. So to Linda, Bernie, Kathryn, the volunteers, the board, and all of you have donated: thank you.


Seeing Hope In Our Daily Lives

By | Jul-08-2020 | Youth Ministries

Guest Blogger: Chris Vardy
Life has changed drastically since March. I have been praying, talking on the phone with friends, and spending time with my family to help rationalize and understand what is going on. Trust in God and know that He is with you, even during what seems to be the darkest of times.


We’re Going To Try

By | Jun-29-2020 | Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

We’re not perfect, and we’re tired. But we’re not going to stop trying. We will keep showing up, for your teenagers and for your family. We’ll keep coming up with things for you to show up to. We’ll keep holding up the light of these promises – God is good, and here, and loves us, and it will be ok.


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