Youth Ministries

It All Matters

By | Aug-02-2022 | Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

This past Sunday, I gave my last talk from the Justin stage. I found myself wondering what mattered most to say, of all of the hours spent giving instructions and leading prayers and worship from that stage – what really mattered?


Thank You For The Music

By | May-24-2022 | Youth Ministries

To all my choir members over the years: thank you for all your time, talents and commitment that you have given to this choir and to me. Your joy, love of music and amazing attitudes have truly made my time with you my favorite part of every week.


The Best Of Me

By | May-04-2022 | Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

One of our graduating seniors asked me earlier this year why I’m in youth ministry. There are a lot of answers to that question, and any of them could be the reason and all of them are very much a part of the truth.


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