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Come PLAY at the Christmas Party!

By | Dec-05-2019 | Youth Ministries

There are some things that we do here in the Justin that seem a little crazy from the outside. Making five gallons of Nickelodeon-esque slime to pour onto an intern’s head? A little crazy. Cheering on youth who are being fed chocolate pudding blindfolded . . . by someone else…


About Self-Harm

By | Nov-14-2019 | Youth Ministries

About once a month at the Refuge, our Sunday night youth programming, we have a Worship Night, where we gather in the prayer room, worship together, and take on a topic that is relevant to the adolescent experience, but is either too heavy or needs too much time to unpack for us to do on a Sunday morning. This Sunday, we’re talking about self-harm.


“For Saint Dave Alvarado”

By | Nov-06-2019 | Youth Ministries

This past weekend at the Refuge for All Saints’ Sunday we had our own little canonization service, and honored some perhaps previously overlooked saints, such as beloved coaches and teachers, Brenda Kegans, 9th grader Taylor Ledbetter, youth group alum Chris Vardy, and Dave Alvarado.


Innovation Lab, Phase One

By | Oct-22-2019 | Youth Ministries

As one of five churches accepted in the Innovation Lab, we are setting about a project that will use a combination of design thinking and practical theology to creatively imagine what the future of ministry to the young people in our midst might look like.


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