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Family Maundy Thursday Dinner

By | Apr-06-2020 | Adult Ministries, Children's Ministries, Churchwide, Lent, Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

Something does not have to be big or loud or fancy to be sacred. Holiness doesn’t rest in the décor, or formality of a place. We build sanctuaries and play organs and gather in beautiful buildings and wear nice clothes to remind ourselves of the greatness of our God, and our need for one another, not because that is where God lives.


Family Sunday School

By | Apr-01-2020 | Adult Sunday School, Children's Ministries, Churchwide, Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

For all of the struggles, anxieties, and challenges of this season, it has offered a lot to First Church, an unexpected gift: family time. While we are in this season, you’ll be receiving simple “Family Sunday School” guides each week. These aren’t for children, or teenagers, or adults, they are for whole families to talk about faith together, maybe in a way we didn’t have a chance to before.


Just Four Things

By | Mar-18-2020 | Youth Ministries
I’ve been on FaceTime a lot lately. I’ve been talking to our teenagers from their desks, their unmade beds, their dining room tables. I would so much rather have them...

Big Feelings

By | Mar-10-2020 | Youth Ministries

When my dad died, I found myself walking around with all of these big feelings in my chest, pressing up against my ribcage and throat, wanting to burst out, but with nowhere I felt like I could allow them to go. I took up running, and with every deep inhale…


Good and Loving God

By | Feb-27-2020 | Youth Ministries

I have to pray out loud a lot. It’s part of this job, and I’m fairly comfortable doing it. But for the first few months I worked here, I found myself stumbling over the beginning of the prayer. And no matter what I tried, it never quite felt right…


Out of Touch

By | Feb-20-2020 | Youth Ministries

Have you ever felt out of your depth? Like that feeling you have when you’re a little kid and you jump into a pool, and for the first time, you realize your feet can’t touch the bottom.


The Day I Met Jesus

By | Feb-13-2020 | Youth Ministries

This weekend, at the Refuge, we’re doing what we call an “Immersive Scripture Experience” – an interactive way of engaging with the stories of scripture, specifically, Jesus’s encounter with the Rich young ruler. Take the time to consider your story – what is your story of meeting Jesus, and how do you still meet him today?


When Taylor Swift Fails

By | Feb-06-2020 | Youth Ministries

The young woman is Taylor Swift, the pop superstar, and in the recently released documentary about her on Netflix, you watch her learn one of her albums received no major Grammy nominations and her immediate spiral into shame, self-loathing, and a clear sense of inadequacy.


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