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Good and Loving God

By | Feb-27-2020 | Youth Ministries

I have to pray out loud a lot. It’s part of this job, and I’m fairly comfortable doing it. But for the first few months I worked here, I found myself stumbling over the beginning of the prayer. And no matter what I tried, it never quite felt right…


Out of Touch

By | Feb-20-2020 | Youth Ministries

Have you ever felt out of your depth? Like that feeling you have when you’re a little kid and you jump into a pool, and for the first time, you realize your feet can’t touch the bottom.


Come PLAY at the Christmas Party!

By | Dec-05-2019 | Youth Ministries

There are some things that we do here in the Justin that seem a little crazy from the outside. Making five gallons of Nickelodeon-esque slime to pour onto an intern’s head? A little crazy. Cheering on youth who are being fed chocolate pudding blindfolded . . . by someone else…


Welcome Home

By | Sep-04-2019 | Youth Ministries

The Justin is one of those places where you don’t have to be perfect. Where you don’t have to check all the right boxes, where you don’t have to cover up every mistake so you’ll fit in.



By | Apr-11-2019 | Youth Ministries

There are very few times that “rebellion” comes up that I don’t think of Star Wars. That’s the whole story, right? A brave rebellion that is standing up to the evil empire.


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