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Matt Britt

The Best Of Me

By | May-04-2022 | Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

One of our graduating seniors asked me earlier this year why I’m in youth ministry. There are a lot of answers to that question, and any of them could be the reason and all of them are very much a part of the truth.


Revolution Weekend 2022: Convinced

By | Mar-31-2022 | Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

Revolution Weekend 2022 included 41 kids, 8 adult leaders, three staff, an incredible guest speaker, ridiculously big games, meaningful conversations in small groups, impactful worship together, a return to beloved traditions, and way more little moments of beauty and connection and love than I can remember.


Grounded and Growing

By | Nov-23-2020 | Youth Ministries, Z - Front Page

Right now, I think we could all use a little grounding. Especially because things are constantly changing — between changing with expectations with the pandemic, not knowing who’s in and out of quarantine at any given time, uncertainty with our schedules and seemingly no way to plan for the future.


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