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The Best Person for Me to Laugh at is… ME!

By | Aug-03-2020 | Reflections, Z - Front Page

William Willimon says that the very essence of grace is to receive the gift of laughter — especially when the joke is on us. The reality is that at any age of our lives, perfection is always elusive. Sometimes our learning moments happen in public. One of the gifts of God’s presence is an indwelling awareness of the wonder and enjoyment of graceful growth, and the realization that life is always more meaningful when we invite others to join us.


Third Grade Bible

By | Jul-30-2020 | Children's Ministries, Z - Front Page

If this were any normal year, we’d be getting ready for our annual Third Grade Bible Retreat and Presentation, typically the third weekend in September. This is how we’ll be keeping this true touchstone moment in Children’s Ministry special and meaningful while being extra safe with your dear ones.


Wrestling with God…and Ourselves

By | Jul-29-2020 | Sanctuary, The Gathering, The Gathering, Worship, Worship, Z - Front Page

This Sunday in The Gathering (Lance is on vacation) and Sanctuary worship, we’ll spend some time with the story of Jacob and Esau and we’ll focus on an event in Jacob’s life that was so transforming that he took on a new name: Israel, which means One who strives with God. All night long he wrestled with himself and all night long he wrestled with a mysterious stranger whom he knew to be the very presence of God — tangible and touchable. I look forward to sharing with you on Sunday and I invite you to bring your struggles with you to the time of worship.


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