Youth Sunday 2022: Hello?

By November 15, 2022Youth Ministries

This past Sunday was Youth Sunday, and your kids spoke. Did you listen to them? Because they were speaking to us.

And a little bit to themselves. But mostly to us.

In the weeks leading up to Youth Sunday, your kids dug into what they were experiencing in their everyday lives – the pressure to be perfect; the expectation to keep up, to never take breaks; the struggle to be heard when they spoke, the need to be listened to, to have their experience validated.

As we began to dig deeper into each of their stories to find the common experiences and talk through the stories of people around us, we started to notice a thread tying all the stories together – in a world full of so much noise, of so many competing messages, of so much information, we find ourselves struggling to make our voices heard, struggling to hear what other people are really saying, struggling to hear the own voice in our head, never mind trying to hear God. We found ourselves asking the question, “Hello? Can you hear me? Are you listening to what I’m really saying?”

This struggle to just be heard, where we’re all trying to just be loud enough to be heard over all the noise around us, had left us feeling disconnected. Disconnected from ourselves, and our own needs by all the voices telling us that we can’t be trusted. Disconnected from each other, always trying to make our voices heard and never listening to what someone else is saying. Disconnected from God, just throwing up prayers when we need some convenient intervention.

Each one of our speakers on Sunday, and every single one of us in that room, have experienced the deep desire to be heard, to really be listened to. We all want to know that when we just need someone, anyone to hear us, that we aren’t just screaming into a void of darkness.

And then our teenagers got up there and they spoke. They spoke about their lives, their experiences, and all of the things that have shaped them, molded them and changed them. They spoke about the things we have taught them, the lives we have modeled for them, the lessons they learned from us. They spoke about hurt and about hope, they spoke about identity and about who they were made to be. They spoke truth, their truth, truth about who they were created to be – who we were all created to be – and they invited us to listen. To really stop, to slow down, to be quiet enough to listen.

So take the time to listen to them. Listen to what they have to say. If you missed Youth Sunday, take the time right now to listen to the four of them – it’ll take you less than 20 minutes. And if you caught it live, go back and listen to them again, I promise it’s worth it.

We are so incredibly proud of them. We are proud of their work, their vulnerability and their willingness to stand in front of us and speak the truth they had to share. Go listen to your kids.


Matt Britt
Director of Youth Ministries


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