Bread for the Soul

By | Oct-02-2020 | DiscipleChurch, Z - Front Page

Each week in DiscipleChurch Dr. Bill Longsworth leads the celebration of communion with two very significant items: home baked bread from his mother’s recipe (scaled down) and a ceremonial Olivewood chalice from the Holy Land. Here’s a little more about this sacred home communion ritual — maybe to inspire your own!


How To Avoid Thinking “God is on the Side of the Poor”

By | Jul-01-2020 | Community Advocate, DiscipleChurch, Pray, Worship, Z - Front Page

The first beatitude, “blessed are the poor” in Luke’s gospel, reads “blessed are the poor in spirit” in Matthew’s gospel. Jesus is not telling people to be poor, or poor in spirit so they can gain the kingdom of heaven. He’s making an announcement — God is for the poor. The question for the church is — who are we for?


Is Mother’s Day Hard For You?

By | May-07-2020 | DiscipleChurch, Serve, Z - Front Page

Wherever we are on the spectrum of emotion around Mother’s Day, giving ourselves and others space for authenticity can be a gift. Jesus said, “Be happy with those who are happy and weep with those that weep” – it’s a flow kind of thing that has rhythm and balance and warmth, like the womb of a good mother.


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