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Home Cooking

By | Sep-21-2017 | Community Advocate, Outreach

DiscipleChurch member Don Watkins led an effort to secure the services of Chef Manny Vasquez from the Tarrant Area Food Bank to offer two cooking classes for residences of Palm Tree Apartments.


When Father’s Day is Hard

By | Jun-16-2016 | Community Advocate

Maybe as you’ve watched the TV commercials or passed by the card aisle at Target, you’ve felt a pain in your gut about Father’s Day. All the sentimental words, and happy pictures of fathers and children hugging and playing may bring you sorrow.


Great Expectations: Mother’s Day

By | May-05-2016 | Community Advocate

Mother’s Day may be the mother of great expectations in our culture. I read a funny blog written by a young mother voicing the things she fantasizes about when she looks toward that all special day. If you’ve been there, you know the wish list. Others face Mother’s Day with less humor.


It Starts with Not Knowing

By | Apr-27-2016 | Community Advocate

Here in the Community Advocate office I spend a lot of time with people sorting through life looking for a place where the ground doesn’t shake so much. I find that the fear of what we don’t know often keeps us in places we’d really like to escape.


A Memory Grows

By | Apr-20-2016 | Community Advocate

When Rev. DeAndrea Dare and her husband Aaron faced the harsh reality that their precious first-born child Max would not survive outside his mother’s womb, Aaron placed Max in DeAndrea’s arms and said, “We will always think about how he should be with us.”


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