How To Avoid Thinking “God is on the Side of the Poor”

By | Jul-01-2020 | Community Advocate, DiscipleChurch, Pray, Worship, Z - Front Page

The first beatitude, “blessed are the poor” in Luke’s gospel, reads “blessed are the poor in spirit” in Matthew’s gospel. Jesus is not telling people to be poor, or poor in spirit so they can gain the kingdom of heaven. He’s making an announcement — God is for the poor. The question for the church is — who are we for?


The Lost Coin, Wounded Healers, and Prayerful Presence

By | Jun-20-2020 | Chapel Communion, Healthy Plate Discipleship, Learn, Pray, Prayer & Spiritual Formation, Worship, Worship, Z - Front Page

How do we become aware of God’s healing Presence? That is exactly what we will be exploring in the new “Practicing Prayerful Presence” prayer groups meeting every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30 am. Join me in this process of experiencing God’s grace in the rhythm of our lives.


Father’s Day

By | Jun-17-2020 | Sanctuary, Worship, Worship, Z - Front Page

If you were to ask someone to name a parable or two, I am sure that the Parable of the Prodigal Son would be near the top of the list of favorites. Some have said it’s the world’s greatest short story. But more than that, it is our story — in particular, it is our story in relationship with God. I look forward to our worship on Sunday when I will share some insights from this beloved parable.


The Gift of “Soul Friends:” from Isolation to Solitude

By | Jun-12-2020 | Chapel Communion, Healthy Plate Discipleship, Pray, Prayer & Spiritual Formation, Z - Front Page

This is an unusually difficult, “liminal time” in our world’s history. The journey through this will not be easy. And it will be a long trek. We will need to do a lot of soul-searching and soul-care in the moments along the way. You and your soul are invited to join me and others on this journey for “Practicing Prayerful Presence,” any or every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 am.


How do we face a system?

By | Jun-12-2020 | eleven:eleven, Worship, Worship, Z - Front Page

This Sunday, I want to think with you about the crazy, fascinating, unbelievably huge reality of the systems we live in and the way we relate to, sustain, or change them. Once we’re willing to take a hard, clear look at them, we may discover the incredibly transformative and healing potential of small, intentional acts of humility, courage, and connection.


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