Daily Bread

Tim’s Daily Bread Devotional 10.21.20

By | Oct-21-2020 | Daily Bread

Jesus liked to surprise his hearers.  This little parable of Jesus is no exception.  He used a widow—the poorest of the poor and the least powerful of the powerless—and an unjust judge “who neither feared God nor had respect for people” to make a point about prayer and to encourage people as they dealt with being treated unjustly. 


Tim’s Daily Bread Devotional 10.17.20

By | Oct-17-2020 | Daily Bread

One of my favorite places to visit is Fort Davis in the Davis Mountains of Texas.  It is an area that has its own kind of beauty.  There aren’t many trees larger than the small and scrubby little trees that have taken hold in that semi-arid land.


Tim’s Daily Bread Devotional 10.14.20

By | Oct-14-2020 | Daily Bread

Many of Jesus’ teachings were in parables, stories that made a point and usually startled his first hearers into a new way of seeing things.  Today’s reading actually follows Jesus’ “Parable of the Sower and the Seeds.” 


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