One Time and Done

With the recent consecration of the Edward and Maxine Baker Children’s Wing and the reconsecration of Wesley Hall, there is a new feeling of excitement and momentum in the air!

Folks who have been out of sight since March 2020 and who had gotten use to worshiping in their favorite pj’s are “over it.”

YOU are ready to be back….ready to re-connect…..ready to grow in your discipleship! I notice it every Sunday – big smiles and lots of hugs and handshakes happening in the garden and on Fifth Street.

With all of the summer activities – youth trips, Vacation Bible School, continuing Bible studies, Wesleyan Adventurers on the go and some exciting new opportunities in the planning stages — the momentum is only going to swell.

You are also showing up when it comes to giving, making all of these Christ-focused ministries possible. Thank You for your enthusiastic generosity.

As we head into the busy months of summer fun, please continue this enthusiastic attitude.

An easy way to do this in regard to giving is to set up recurring gifts — One Time and Done!

Steve Fagan, Director of Finance, received a call earlier this month from a long-time member who is and has been a faithful giver for many years. The member was reaching out because they wanted to set up a recurring payment eliminating the need for manually entering the same payment information every month.

Like many of us, when they started giving they were in the habit of writing a monthly check and or two in support of the annual ministry fund and other ministries such as Thanksgiving baskets or the Easter offering. About 3 ½ years ago, they began using a credit card as their choice of payment. They were consistent in making their gift around the first of each month by going online.

Within a matter of minutes, the member had been walked through the following steps to set up a schedule for automatic giving:

1) Opening up your favorite browser on your computer, type in or click on this link. If you have a Shelby Giving Account and App, sign in; however you do not need an account or app to make any type of donation.
2) You are given two options: “One-Time” or “Recurring;” click on Recurring.
3) Next use the drop down menu to select “Fund;” several options are available. The Ministry Fund supports the ongoing ministries and general operations and is the fund that aligns with the annual stewardship campaign commitment/pledge.
4) You then type in the amount of your donation.
5) Click on “Add Donation” if you would like to include another fund, i.e. First Street Methodist Mission.
6) If you are setting up a recurring gift, there are a few more steps.
7) Use the drop down menu to choose frequency of donation:
Weekly, Bi-Weekly (every two weeks), Twice a month, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually
8) If you would like your giving to happen for a specific time frame, use the optional “How Many Gifts.” For example you made a pledge to support the annual Ministry Fund beginning January 1 for 12 monthly gifts or Twice a Month for 24 gifts or Weekly for 52 gifts.
Please note if “How Many Gifts is left blank, your giving will continue until you manually go in and stop payment.
9) Fill in a date for Start Date.
10) Next, choose your payment option and provide the typical required information: name, credit card number or bank information, contact information, billing address, and email address.
11) Last step, carefully review all the information on the screen, making any corrections needed and then click SUBMIT. You will receive an email confirmation within minutes of submitting.

That member is now good to go — one time and done — putting into action their discipleship of giving on a regular basis.

I hope you will also consider this giving strategy. Should you have any questions on setting up automatic giving, please feel free to contact the Business Office.

I look forward to enjoying and celebrating all of our upcoming summer ministries with you! Again, thank you for your generous and passionate presence!

Wishing you a summer filled with blessings,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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