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Dr. Mike Marshall

Let Us Become More Aware . . .

By | May-03-2017 | Traditional Worship

During the season of Lent, I had the pleasure of being in a weekly group who read and discussed “Creed: What Christians Believe and Why (Exploring the Apostles’ Creed).” Its author is Adam Hamilton, the respected Senior Pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City.


The Umpire in Your Heart

By | Jul-29-2016 | Traditional Worship

My birthday is December 5. I know a number of dear people here at FUMCFW who were born that day. There’s J.T. in our youth program; a beautiful young adult named Robin; Sharon, who I call my birthday buddy; Sally, whose wedding I happily officiated; and H.T., who died five years ago and is still missed today.


Beyond Lip Service

By | Aug-26-2015 | Traditional Worship

There is a timeless truth that is part of our human condition: We easily forget who we are. We easily forget what God has done — is doing — and will do. Too often we try to go through life alone. We neglect the Word of God — the Food of God — and the People of God.


Walking with Integrity

By | Aug-18-2015 | Traditional Worship

Jesus quoted most often from three sources: Deuteronomy, Isaiah and the Psalms. A fourth century Christian leader said the Psalms were “songs of the heart”. DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY did not teach participants “about” the Psalms — instead, it had the goal of “guiding you into the Psalms . . . to let them help you express your inexpressible thoughts and feelings, as they become your prayers.”


Each Word a Gift!

By | Aug-05-2015 | Traditional Worship

One of my favorite phrases of the past year is this: “I’m eat up with the busy head!” I didn’t invent it, but I certainly embrace it . . . and technically it is not grammatically correct, but functionally it is perfect.


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